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Why use a management system? Five quick reasons

Integration across sectors

Work is also optimized because the areas of the company and its financial data will be integrated into the software. Thus, it is easy to make general statements, partial, verify data from another sector quickly and without hassle.

Optimization of work in business

When it is necessary to take care of multiple worksheets, papers, various documents, verify values with different people on your team, make a monthly data calculation can take a long time. When using a commercial management system information, updates, calculations are automated, streamlining processes in the company.

Handmade reports

Who makes the financial management with notebooks, notes and lack of integration knows how laborious assembling reports to see the general data for a given period and so if you plan to grow and avoid mistakes. But who uses an online sales management system has prepared financial reports issued by the software according to their needs.

Low Cost

Amid so many advantages brought by this technology, it is difficult to imagine that a management software is something cheap. But believe me, it is! Just you find a provider who works with a cloud system, which offers a monthly subscription plan and with good support for the need of your business.

Protect against bad intentions

The use of a management system allows you to see all the sales that took place, payment forms, and the items in each sale, protecting you entrepreneur from poor wishers . Thus ensuring that your investment is safe every day.

And now? Buy or pay tuition?

Much of the software available on the market should be purchased, creating a higher cost for the business at the beginning of your venture. But PayGate offers a different way of purchase, you pay a monthly fee, and can make use of the system while paying. If you no longer want, just cancel, and request a copy of your data is accurate.

But what if you want to access on the phone?

PayGate was created entirely in the clouds, but our POS works offline too, if your internet drops. So you can see all your finances wherever you are, at any time of day, on any device that has a browser.

And can I sell anywhere?

Yes, our POS has mobile versions too, whatever on PC, tablet, or Smartphone, you sell.