Privacy policy

Eight Systems, does not sell or release under any condition, the individual user information. Let expressed our total concern for the privacy of your data. PayGate have full power to keep your information confidentially.

The ultimate goal of collecting user information is power through them, offer an increasingly specific service, always know the profile of our users, so we can develop solutions that adapt to our audience.

Eight Systems with PayGate calls on their records some personal data, demographic and interests.

The information required by Eight Systems will never be disclosed to third parties. Information that could possibly be exposed, will be global and will never personal touch. A practical example of this application are data such as numbers of users by region, age and gender. We are always aware that this data will not affect at all its integrity and privacy as a user of our services.

Eight Systems, makes clear, too, that your information will not be sent to mailing lists or e-mails, always treating your data with complete confidentiality.

Eight Systems reserves the release of user information solitadas case through the courts.